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Spend Some Time in the Woods

Published: 07.15.2021

It’s just good for your soul. Plus, if you’ve never attended one of Naturalist Marianne’s presentations, you’re missing out on something informative and fun! You also have the opportunity to take a peaceful stroll through Russell Forest where we might find a few of our forest neighbors.

Wildlife Presentations

Friday, July 30 – 6-8pm (during Friday On The Green)
Saturday July 31 – 8am-12pm
The Naturalist Cabin at Russell Crossroads

Stop into the Naturalist’s Cabin during the dates and times listed above to see some local Russell Forest representatives and learn about the role they play in the woods. You’ll discover what they eat, how they live, and what types of habitats they prefer. Naturalist Marianne will be on hand to interpret the displays and also tell you all about the myths surrounding some of our local wildlife. There will be plenty to learn about! No charge – everyone is welcome!



Guided Nature Tour

Let’s spend some time in the woods!
Saturday, July 31 – 1pm
Meet at Willow Point Cutoff Trailhead

For almost two hours, we will be in the woods identifying the variety of plant and animal life we discover. In addition to learning from the finds in the forest, we will search for wet residents keeping cool in summer temperatures. This energetic hike will offer both learning and exercise. Insect repellent and sunscreen will be provided—bring your own drinking water and comfortable shoes—preferably some that can get wet! Appropriate for participants ages 5-105.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED! There is a $10 fee for this program. Please contact Naturalist Marianne at 256.496.2710 or [email protected] to inquire and to register.

For all Guided Nature Tours: It is recommended that participants have a moderate fitness level and are able to stand or walk for at least two hours. Walking pace will be relaxed with frequent stops. Comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothing and shoes are advised. Participants may also wish to bring bottled water, sunscreen and insect repellent. Binoculars and cameras are welcome. There are no bathrooms on the Forest Trails.

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