Naturalist Marianne Gauldin teaches children about our Russell Forest neighbors

Lake Martin


Marianne Gauldin, the Russell Lands Naturalist and Wildlife Educator, is a lifelong student of nature and an avid outdoorsman with extensive experience using forests as classrooms. She introduces visitors to Lake Martin's variety of flora and fauna through specially scheduled Guided Nature Tours and Wildlife Presentations at the Russell Crossroads Naturalist Cabin.

White-tailed Deer fawn curled up asleep
Three small boys with one smiling and holding a small turtle
The Russell Forest is Naturalist Marianne's classroom during guided nature tours
Naturalist Marianne Gauldin conducts a Wildlife Presentation with a large owl

Celebrate the Natural Resources

Of Lake Martin

Learn more about the natural forestry that surrounds Lake Martin from someone who has spent her personal and professional life in the woods. Marianne Hudson can be contacted by phone at 256.496.2710 or by email at [email protected].


22 Russell Farms Road
Alexander City, AL 35010

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