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Winter’s Trials in the Russell Forest

Published: 12.02.2021

As winter encroaches, Naturalist Marianne helps us explore a cold Russell Forest and its creatures.

Wildlife Presentations

Saturday, December 18 – 9am-2pm
Sunday, December 19 – 9am-2pm
Naturalist Cabin at Russell Crossroads

The Christmas Season means winter is upon us, and Russell Forest residents are ready for it! This month we will focus on the features that enable them to survive winter’s trials. Live animals will be on hand to showcase the physical features that easily allow them to handle scarcer food and freezing temperatures. You will be inspired to appreciate the wild dramas which play out daily and nightly in the woods around you.

Program is appropriate for all ages. No charge—everyone is welcome!

Guided Nature Tour

Saturday, December 18 – 2:30pm
Meet at Willow Point Cutoff Trailhead

Join Russell Lands Naturalist for a peaceful walk through the forest as Russell Forest creatures prepare for another winter sundown. Along the way, discover which are stirring and which are sleeping in this colder month. What we see—and what we don’t see—tells us much about the coming conditions of winter.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. $10/person. Contact our Naturalist at: 256.496.2710 to inquire and register in advance.

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