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What Do Dan Fogelberg and Derby Day Have in Common?

Published: 04.15.2021

Derby Day at The Stables
Saturday, May 1 – 4-6:45pm
The Stables at Russell Crossroads

In 1980, Dan Fogelberg wrote a song, “Run For The Roses,” that was used by ABC as the lead-in to the special Friday Night Live from the Kentucky Derby, which took place the night before the race.

It’s a song about the coming of age of a young colt destined to run the most exciting two minutes in sports—the Kentucky Derby!

…With mama beside you to help you along,
You’ll soon be growing up strong.
Oh, the long, lazy mornings in pastures of green.
The sun on your withers the wind in your mane,
Could never prepare you for what lies ahead.
The run for the roses so red.

 And it’s run for the roses as fast as you can.
Your fate is delivered your moment’s at hand.
It’s the chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of chance,
And it’s high time you joined In the dance.

On Saturday, May 1, from 4-6:45pm at The Stables at Russell Crossroads, we will once again be able to watch The Run For The Roses.

We have made some changes for this year’s event (details coming soon), which may be even more fun than ever!

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