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Update on SpringHouse

Published: 03.28.2024

Some of the most asked questions around here since December 23, 2023…

Will SpringHouse be rebuilt?

Absolutely! That was never in question for us, and the term “rebuilt” implies that SpringHouse “burned down.” For those of you who frequent the lake, even in the off-season, you know that SpringHouse, though suffering a good bit of damage, certainly didn’t burn to the ground. In fact, the fire damage was limited to an area near the chimney in the attic. Thankfully, the majority of the damage was related to smoke and water (and we do appreciate so much the quick response and fast action from several of our local volunteer fire departments and the Alexander City Fire Department!).

Where are you in the process of rebuilding?

To date, the required structural repairs to the roof system have been professionally evaluated, and the minimal structural work required is complete. We have already replaced the cedar shake roofing over the main and upper dining room areas, and new metal roofing should be completed over the upper bar area within the next two weeks.

The interior dining room ceiling replacement is ongoing, and we hope to be painting in a week or so. As you can see from the photos, the walls and ceilings are currently being installed, having started in the lowest level, leading to the WellHouse.

All of the mechanical and electrical systems have all been evaluated by professionals, and repairs have already begun. This includes a lot of progress in the evaluation, testing, and repairs (or replacement) to the kitchen equipment.

We have ordered new furniture where necessary.

Will the layout change?

No, we are trying to rebuild the same familiar SpringHouse as before.

What about the staff?

If you’ve been to join us for dinner while we’re piggybacking off of Fanny Goldmine, you know that we’re still here—and have missed you! And if you’ve not been to dine with us since December, please come see us! We look forward to serving you!!

When will you reopen at the SpringHouse location?

While we still do not have a solid timetable for moving back in, we certainly hope to be back at 12 Benson Mill Road by the end of the season… hopefully sooner!


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