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Some Animals are Actually More Active in Winter

Published: 01.06.2022

Wildlife Presentation

Wintertime Bustle
Saturday, January 8 –12:30–4:30pm
Naturalist Cabin at Russell Crossroads

Join Russell Lands Naturalist Marianne Hudson for an informative discussion about the animals who are actually more active in the winter! There are some species that you are more likely to see in January than you would on a warm summer day. Find out why white-tailed deer, eagles, and skunks are all more visible now than they were months ago. Also find out where they are and what they’re doing when we don’t see them!

This presentation will feature accessories that adorn our local deer. Russell Forest and surrounding area are home to a healthy population of these creatures. They have good reasons for loving life here just as much as we do. A variety of deer antlers, teeth, skins and skulls will be available for inspection, and their use and function will be explained. Tips on attracting and repelling deer from your property will be included in a discussion of the type of habitat and food sources that deer require. You will be inspired to appreciate the wild dramas being lived out all around us. Program is appropriate for all ages. No charge—everyone is welcome!

If you have questions for Marianne, call her at 256.496.2710 or [email protected].

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