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Russell Lands Launches Culinary Apprenticeship Program

Published: 08.26.2021

Our goal has always been to create excellent dining experiences at Russell Lands. As we grow—as with the addition of Fanny Goldmine Diner—it’s important to draw culinary talent to our area or grow it right here to serve our residents and visitors alike. Under the supervision of Chef Chris Doggett, this program will produce certified culinary professionals while they apply their skills in our restaurants.

Earn While You Learn

An American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) Apprenticeship Program through Russell Lands provides on-the-job learning combined with technical classroom instruction. Apprentices work full-time under a qualified supervising chef at one of our unique venues and receive their education.

  • Participate in an “earn while you learn” approach
  • Receive mentoring from qualified professional chefs
  • Develop documented culinary skills that are transferable within the industry
  • Graduate with ACF professional Certified Fundamentals Cook®, Certified Culinarian®, or Certified Sous Chef® designations
  • Earn higher wages and have better job opportunities

“Russell Lands is glad to be able to contribute to our community, and the hospitality community at large, as an ACF apprenticeship site,”  said Chris Doggett, C.E.C., program chair and sponsoring chef, who added, “We’re excited to work with those interested in culinary arts and related fields.”

Those interested in participating in the program should contact Chef Chris Doggett at 256.212.1478 or by email at [email protected].

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