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Return to (a Better) Normal

Published: 04.02.2021

Lake Martin has never been better

By now, many of our regular readers have alternatively been vaccinated, half-vaccinated, or scheduled to be vaccinated. Who knew 14 months ago we would be talking about vaccines and “herd immunity”? Whatever place you are in vaccine-wise, you are certainly looking for life to return to some sort of normal.

As far as lake life is concerned, we feel like life is back to normal. This time last year, we were under a “stay at home” order from Governor Ivey, and only essential workers would be allowed to go to work. Governors of neighboring states issued similar orders which closed down restaurants, businesses, stores, and even Gulf Coast beaches. The result of that was Lake Martin became a refuge for nearly everyone.

That caused more traffic on the highways, more business at local groceries (I still remember empty shelves at Winn Dixie), more take-out orders at local restaurants, busier marinas, and a lake full of anything that could float! Word got out quickly, “Lake Martin is the place for social distancing!” College students could study from the lake, families could go for boat rides, pets loved the local trails, and everyone loved their “pier-to-pier” networks. There were so many people at the lake, you could say we had a different kind of herd!

Lake life returns to better than normal in 2021

Classes are back in session, businesses are open, government orders are scaling back, and many other aspects of life are returning to normal with the availability of vaccines. Lake life is returning to normal too, only better. Lake Martin has always been more remote, relaxed, and refreshing. In our neighborhoods, that is especially true. Russell Lands has carefully developed lakefront property to enhance that sort of lifestyle.

While much of the country sheltered in the city, many people discovered the value of life on Lake Martin. Sales and construction in our neighborhoods were off the charts for 2020. New friendships were created, and old friendships were renewed. Property ownership, while still largely part-time, is shifting to full-time. A significant shift in demographics is occurring.

Looking to the future

Due to the events noted above, we had a flurry of real estate activity in 2020 at Russell Lands. Virtually all available property sold! We went from an adequate supply—to no supply—in just a few months. What was different was rather than purchases being speculative, buyers were the actual end user who were able to purchase with historically low fixed-rate financing or cash.

This demand outstripped the supply of property. At Russell Lands, development and home building activity has ramped up significantly. Road construction is underway in both The Ridge and in The Willows. We should, given the pace of construction, be able to release beautiful new waterfront homesites in late May or late June.

The Ridge has been a very successful development, and this next phase of 15 lots, Phase 6, will be the last phase of the mainland portion of The Ridge (There are no immediate plans to develop The Ridge Island as of this writing). The Willows next group of 11 lots, Phase 5, will be the last collection of homesites in this very popular neighborhood adjacent to Willow Point.

Since we are in the final phases of both of these developments, Russell Lands is in the final planning stages to announce their next large development in the Wicker Point area, The Heritage. This will be a very ambitious development situated on 12 miles of shoreline and 1,500 acres. For details, visit The Heritage page on our website.

As you can tell, we have a lot going on here at Russell Lands. For details on any of our developments, real estate availability, or lake events, call one of our Realtors® at 256.215.7011. If you want price lists or plats when we release them in May and June, send us an e-mail request. Both Rhonda Watson and Anna Speaks will be happy to keep you informed.

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