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Protect Your Boat Against Winter Conditions

Published: 10.25.2023

It’s that time of year again. The leaves have started to change color, and the nights are getting longer and cooler. Soon, it will be the bittersweet time to winterize your boat. Fall lay-up is quite possibly the single most important maintenance duty a boater will perform. Proper winterization will prevent costly damage that can result from freezing, dormancy, corrosion, and moisture and will allow for a smooth launch come springtime.

Russell Marine offers winterization packages which include adding fuel conditioner to gas; running the boat to circulate treatment and heat oil; greasing steering and fittings; checking lower unit lube and topping off; removing plugs in manifold, engine block, and engine cooler; draining of bilge; and changing of oil, oil filter, and fuel water separator filter (if equipped).

Russell Marine Boating & Outdoors is now offering shrink wrap and storage. Shrink wrap is a great way to keep your boat safe through the winter, and if you don’t have the space to store your boat, they have you covered. Shrink wrap includes wiping down the boat with a mildew blocker, adding dehumidifier bags and shrink wrapping the boat.

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Download the shrink wrap form >

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