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Popular Russell Cabins Expand

Published: 05.27.2021

A new, more affordable approach to owning a lake home

For those who are looking for a place on Lake Martin in the Willow Point area, one which is built with quality features and materials, designed for lake life, and within a reasonable budget, we think we have an interesting option for you at Russell Cabins at The Willows.

This small enclave of properties is a very popular part of The Willows neighborhood. The concept for this lakeside enclave was to develop 12 homesites surrounding a large park, with eight sites on the waterfront and four sites fronting the large park. This enclave also gives fans of Classic Homes-built Russell Cabins an opportunity to have a cabin built to their specifications.

Without much fanfare, all eight of the waterfront properties have been spoken for, which is no surprise for those familiar with these cabin designs. But all is not lost. We have finished the final amenities that serve the four park-side cabins homesites.

We saved a large piece of waterfront for the owners of these four properties to enjoy the lake. Each home has access to a dedicated walking/golf cart path to the water. Lakeside features include a covered pavilion and dedicated boat slip on the common dock just for these properties.

Value without the cost

Typically, when people are looking for lake property and working within a budget, they have to either compromise on location or on the lake home itself. To us, this opportunity is without compromise. You have a great location in a very valuable neighborhood, The Willows. You will also have a very attractive home. The cabin designs and specifications for these properties are exactly what you would expect from Classic Homes.

What is different is the total cost. The difference in the overall ticket price is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is big savings, especially when you still have a great view, wonderful lake setting, water access, dedicated slip, and one of the best locations in the lake area.

Value proposition

We have heard from a number of potential property owners priced out of the waterfront market, and they typically fall into one of two categories. One is the customer who just does not want to compromise on the location or the house, as described above.

The second and larger group are current owners who want to downsize from their large and very valuable waterfront lake home but stay in the lake community. Their current property value is high enough where they can take their sales proceeds and put some into a house and some into the bank. We think these cabins are a viable option for either customer.

We have just finished installing the waterfront features for these four properties and have a new cabin design that is ideal for this setting. If you would like to know more regarding price range, location, or anything else, please give one of our Realtors® a call. They can be reached at 256.215.7011.

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