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New Lake Home in 2022!

Published: 05.20.2021

New Willows release makes that possible

The opportunities to own a waterfront home on Lake Martin are reduced with inventory at record lows. A query of the local MLS on May 17, 2021 found only 70 residential properties listed for sale on Lake Martin’s 880 miles of shoreline. Of that number, 25 were under contract clearing loan approval or home inspection. That left 45 properties available for purchase. Of that number, 13 properties are in some phase of construction leaving just 32 properties available for sale that could be used in 2021.

This situation has existed for several months and has resulted in many potential waterfront property owners opting to purchase waterfront homesites, then having a custom home built to suit their family’s needs. This shift has occurred in unexpected numbers with sales of lots increasing 292% over last year.

With such a low inventory of available residential property, there is limited opportunity to get on the lake this summer. Now, with the reduced number of available building sites and with the lead time building requires, there is a diminished chance of being on the lake next year.

This increased demand has also reduced our available inventory in The Willows. We released 29 waterfront homesites last summer, and the increased demand has reduced our available supply to a small handful of available properties.

Change of plans

Our original plan was to release our final phase of estate homesites in the fall, but due to the increased demand and diminished supply, we have accelerated roadwork on this final phase of The Willows. That roadwork is nearly complete with paving crews finishing their work on Monday of this week.

Many lake lovers are excited by the beauty of this area with its gentle topography and mature forest. They also like the prospect of having a lake home built to order rather than “settle” for one of the few already-built options available. Since The Willows and its sister community Willow Glynn have already established their architectural style, home designs, and value, potential owners feel that their investment is secure.

Getting under way

We realize that there is a fairly long lead time in buying a lot, working on a design, and building a home. We also realized that without quickly releasing more homesites, fewer people could be in The Willows in 2022. To help people get started sooner, we released these new properties last Friday.

In order to meet the pent-up demand for lake property, this newest phase would need to be between 25 to 30 homesites. Unfortunately, the land available to us is limited by topography. This limitation nets us 11 very attractive estate homesites in this final phase of The Willows.

We think that demand will be strong, so rather than doing a large advertising and marketing campaign, we are only releasing this property to our best customers and subscribers to our newsletter. If you are interested, you will find at the bottom of this article links to the sales map and price list.

In order to give interested parties some time to review this collection of properties, we released the map and price list on Friday, May 14, 2021, to allow two full weekends for inspection. We will review all offers received on these new lots from May 14 through 2pm on May 26 as simultaneous offers. Lots that are unsold after May 26 will then be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have an interest in The Willows and you want to get underway soon, please reach out to one of our Realtors® at 256.215.7011 or inquire through our website. They will be happy to show you the properties and sample home designs that might be perfect for your needs. We are ready to help you in any way we can to get you on the lake next year!

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