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More Summer Memories to be Made

Full-pool lake level extended to October 15

Published: 09.08.2022

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.”

― Kellie Elmore, American author

At Lake Martin, we know a thing or two about making memories. At Russell Lands, we’ve been helping families make memories for more than half a century. And now, we can stretch our memory-making time on the lake out a few more weeks.

Alabama Power Company recently announced that the fall drawdown of Lake Martin will be extended to begin October 15. This extends our time at full-pool level and provides some of the best boating opportunities of the year. Normally, the drawdown would begin September 1.

As Alabama Power explains, “The lower lake level allows the reservoir to capture and store winter rains. The lake begins to rise in early spring, reaching full summer pool around the end of April.” But lower lake levels in the fall and winter are not just about flood control. They are an opportunity for lakefront homeowners and businesses to perform needed shoreline maintenance, but there is a process.

“Residents interested in performing shorelines maintenance during the drawdown should apply for the necessary lakeshore-use permits now by visiting or calling the Shoreline Management Office at 256.825.0053.”

Until then, let’s enjoy Lake Martin and the warm rays of summer just a little longer. There are still many memories to be made.

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