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Published: 08.27.2020

Lake Martin lovers embrace The Willows

It is official. Lake lovers are “over the moon” in love with The Willows of Willow Point located on the shores of Pitchford Hollow.

How do we know? Well, one indication is the demand. Since the summer of 2018, we have released 64 waterfront properties, and in that two-year period, 49 of those properties have been spoken for. Just one month ago, we released 29 new waterfront homesites with 18 sold before we could get the pavement down. It must be love!

Another indication of this “full-fledged” love affair is that many of our sales are by “word of mouth.” One excited property owner tells his or her friends and neighbors. Those friends and neighbors come down and take one look, and it is love at first sight! They buy a property, and you guessed it, they tell their friends, too!

What is the attraction?

One of our recent buyers looked at the property and said, “There is not a bad lot in the bunch. They are all beautiful!” This collection of waterfront homesites is rare on Lake Martin. The lots range from level to gently rolling—a collection rarely found on Lake Martin. Waterfront views may vary. Some are west, others east, and still others are south—but all are spectacular.

Waterfront footage exceeds 200 feet on average, and the tall timber promises shaded privacy. The location is ideal. Love golf? The Willows is located near Willow Point Golf and Country Club. Need city services or medical care? The Willows is just south of Alexander City. Looking for fine dining and an organic grocery? The Willows is just north of Russell Crossroads.

Architectural standards for this popular part of the lake are already established by The Willows’ sister community, Willow Glynn. The attractive homes lining Pitchford Hollow are setting the trends for lake property around the southeast. The Willows’ gated entry and protective covenants insure privacy and a secure investment.



You still have a chance

If you are worried that the “love of your life” might belong to another, do not worry—yet. There are still 15 available properties, and they are all beautiful! (See a map of The Willows) We have decades of experience in developing lake property, and we are proud of what we have accomplished in The Willows.



We invite you to come take a look for yourself. We would add a note of caution though—you might fall head-over-heels in love too. For information or directions, drop us a line or call us at 256.215.7011 today.

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