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Wildlife Presentation – Naturalist Cabin

January 23 | 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Yes, wild animals do get sick!

Disease has been a popular topic for quite some time now! Join Russell Lands On Lake Martin Naturalist Marianne Hudson for an informative discussion about the diseases and ailments that Russell Forest wildlife are susceptible to, some of which are transmittable to us. It’s a tough world out there, and Mother Nature uses disease to limit wildlife populations. We will talk about common wildlife diseases and what risks there are to humans, including Covid viruses. Visitors will also discover how some simple yard work tasks can help curb wildlife diseases. You will be inspired to appreciate the wild dramas being lived out all around us.

Program is appropriate for all ages and features live animals. No charge – everyone is welcome!

If you have questions for Marianne, call her at 256.496.2710 or [email protected].

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