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Endless Summer

Published: 09.09.2021

Summer lake level extension declared

Have you ever heard the story about the preacher who, during an extensive rainy season, declared to his flock, “Whoever has been praying for rain, please stop!”? For many of us in the lake region, this summer has been the wettest in memory. We have had weeks where it rained every day, starting at about 3:30.

It turns out there is a silver lining in all of those rain clouds. The abundant rains have filled up streams, the lake, and rivers downstream from the lake. Those levels have given Alabama Power Company the ability to trigger a clause in their license to operate the reservoir which allows an extension to summer lake levels.

Typically, the license mandates a draw-down for Lake Martin beginning the first week of September that ends when the lake reaches winter-pool levels in mid-December. That draw-down schedule is carefully followed unless there are sufficient water levels to maintain downstream flows in the Tallapoosa and Alabama River system. This summer’s rain has filled that system which means the draw-down starts in mid-October.

That is like getting six more weeks of summer!

That is great news, especially because the best time to be on Lake Martin is during September and October when air temperatures are down, water temperatures are still up, there is less boat traffic, and the fall foliage is beautiful.

We wanted to share this news with you so you can plan a little more time with us on the lake. See you soon!

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